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Surovitskaya Galina Vladimirovna, Doctor of economic sciences, professor, head of department of quality management, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia); professor, sub-department of applied and business informatics, Penza Cossack Institute of Technologies (branch) of K. G. Razumovsky Moscow State University of Technologies and Management (the First Cossack University), (6 Volodarskogo street, Penza, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The article presents the materials of the study of the influence of the processes of modernization of innovative activity of flagship universities on the processes of development of regional economic and innovative systems. The aim of the article is to identify the mechanisms of influence on the regional development agenda of the flagship universities, which are the leading universities in the regions of presence.
Materials and methods. To achieve the objectives of the study, a group of regions was established in which the flagship universities show the best results in the rating of “Innovation” of the National University rating, formed by the International information group “Interfax”. The characteristic of the level of economic and innovative development of the regions where the flagship universities operate is based on the use of the data of the rating of innovative regions of the country, formed by the Association of innovative regions of Russia.
Results and conclusions. The study found that the mechanisms of influence of flagship universities on the development of regional economic and innovative systems have a threshold character. The implementation of programs for the development of flagship universities, which should be supported by strengthening cooperation of the leading universities of the country with the regions of presence, the inclusion of activities for the development of entrepreneurial initiatives of scientific and pedagogical workers in the regional components of the National project “Science”, the development of a model strategic project of support to universities in order to increase the volume of innovative goods, works and services. The conducted research does not claim to complete the picture regarding the whole group of regions of possible presence of flagship universities, as it covers the regions in which universities
that already have the status of supporting universities are leading. The article is of interest to researchers of the regional economy in the context of diversification of growth points. 

Key words

regional innovation system, flagship university, innovative activity, modernization 

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